Successful Project Execution

  “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results”  – Sir Winston Churchill

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results” – Sir Winston Churchill

Execution means everything to a successful project.

No matter how grand the plans are for a particular project, if they are not executed properly in a way that leads to timely delivery right on budget, the grandeur will mean nothing.

Recently there have been several projects that have highlighted this issue. 

What leads to failed execution?

Bad quality:

Using inferior quality materials and poor-quality contractors will lead to failure.

Poor planning:

The development plans and strategies for a project have to be well thought out and documented. If the development team and contractors do not know exactly what to do, they will end up doing the wrong things or do things at the wrong times.

Lack of cooperation:

All the teams on a project need to work together. I am not saying everyone should be best friends, but groups have to cooperate to ensure a project's success. Doing so brings value to the project as a whole (the effort becomes more than the sum of its parts) When teams do not work together projects fall apart very quickly.

Unrealistic expectations:

It is great to have big expectations for a project or the people working on it. However, one has to remain realistic and keep a grasp on reality. Certain things take a certain amount of time, they can be rushed and pushed, but only to a point, after which things begin to fall apart.

In following posts, we will analyse each of these elements in detail.

What other factors do you feel lead to failed execution on projects? Which of those would you like us to delve in to further?

Kind regards,

Rian Strauss