Services for Developers

Developers are at the heart of supplying much-needed housing. You create incredible projects in a complex environment.

Developers large and small, those who build-to-sell and those who build-to-rent. The focus of all we do is to ensure we add value to your projects and your teams. With services tailored to your specific needs and the requirements of the project at hand.

We employ detailed research and analysis. We provide over a decade of knowledge and experience and the external abilities of our partnering companies and advisors. In short, we deliver what we agree to deliver.

Our Developer Services:

  • Development Consultancy & Project Optimisation - Value creation through development enhancements and alterations. Problem-solving.
  • Feasibility Evaluation - Early stage evaluation of the feasibility of a project. Ensuring the numbers make sense or finding out where the numbers have to be for the project to make sense.
  • Risk Analysis - Understanding potential risks and finding solutions or implementing prevention practices.
  • Unit Mixes - Data & Market lead approach to providing the optimal unit mixes for the location at the time of expected delivery.
  • Unit Sizing - Maximising value through optimal unit sizing, and efficient use of space.
  • Specification  - Implementing ideal specification for a balance between; cost, quality and benefit.
  • Site / Project Finding - Sourcing land and projects for development and investment opportunities.
  • Research - If the data exists, we will find it to support or challenge ideas and concepts to answer any questions you may have.
  • Competitor Analysis - The value you can create or money you can save by understanding your competition is immense and should not be underestimated.
  • Market Testing - Off-market testing of your properties before a big public launch.
  • External collaborations / partnerships - Advise on and oversee the implementation of other external teams needed to maximise the value of your project. (Architects, Planning Consultants, Funding, Interior Design etc.)
  • Off Plan Sales - Implement the sales & marketing of your New Homes off-plan before completion.
  • On-Site Sales - Establish a sales and marketing presence on site.
  • Marketing Suites - Setting up high impact marketing suites, that provides the highest return on your marketing budget.
  • Events & Expos - Running marketing and sales events & expos for your projects or new homes developments.
  • International Sales - Selling and marketing your project and new homes to international markets through a global contact network of brokers and agencies.
  • Global Project Sales - Marketing and Selling overseas projects to the UK market.
  • New Home Sales - Sales and marketing of new homes throughout the lifecycle of your project.
  • Investment & Bulk Sales - Selling your projects in larger volume or as a whole to generate a high volume of sales early on, to secure development funding, or as an exit strategy on a whole project.
  • Sales Support - Providing time-based contracts for sales & marketing support for marketing & sales suites.

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