Services for Housing Associations

We believe Housing Association play a significant role in dealing with the housing shortage in London. You provide many people with dignity.

We endeavour to enhance your projects and save you costs through detailed analysis of your service offering and optimising your delivery. We want to help you deliver more units in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

We employ detailed research and analysis. We provide over a decade of knowledge and experience and the external abilities of our partnering companies and advisors. In short, we deliver what we agree to deliver.

Our Housing Association Services:

  • Development Consultancy & Project Optimisation - Reducing costs and adding value through development enhancements and alterations. Problem solving.
  • Unit Mixes - Data & market lead approach to providing the optimal unit mixes for the area at the time of expected delivery.
  • Unit Sizing - Value maximising through optimal unit sizing and efficient use of space.
  • Specification -  Implementing the ideal specification in a project within the projects specific market segment and ensuring cost reductions through longevity.
  • Site / Project Finding - Sourcing land and projects for development opportunities.
  • Research - If the data exists, we will find it to support or challenge ideas and concepts and answer any questions you may have.
  • External collaborations / partnerships - Advise on and oversee the implementation of other external teams needed to maximise the value of your project. (Architects, Planning Consultants, Funding, Interior Design etc.)
  • Private Developer Partnerships - Assisting in the selection and partnering with a Private Developer

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