Services for Investors & Funders

We believe Investors & Funders help move the market along; you provide the money that makes the industry work.

We assist investors in identifying & evaluating opportunities; we want to ensure that you meet your investment expectations. Whether you are investing in a development company, providing finance for a project, buying a project/property, we are here to help.

We employ detailed research and analysis. We provide over a decade of knowledge and experience and the external abilities of our partnering companies and advisors. In short, we deliver what we agree to deliver.

Our Investor & Funder Services:

  • Development Consultancy - We can ensure that the delivery team is providing an optimal project in efficient and cost-effective means. Do they have the right; specification, unit mixes, unit sizing, pricing?

  • Project Optimisation - Value creation through development enhancements and alterations. Problem-solving.

  • Feasibility Evaluation - Evaluate if the figures are in line with what is happening in the marketplace. Ensure the investment makes sense.

  • Risk Analysis - Understanding potential risks and finding solutions or implementing prevention practices.

  • Site / Project Finding - Sourcing land and projects for development, investment & funding opportunities.

  • Research - If the data exists, we will find it to support or challenge ideas and concepts and answer any questions you may have.

  • Competitor Analysis - The value you can create or money you can save by understanding your competition is immense and should not be underestimated.

  • Market Testing - Testing your product off-market before a big public launch.

  • External collaborations / partnerships - Advise on and oversee the implementation of other external teams needed to maximise the value of your project. (Architects, Planning Consultants, Funding, Interior Design etc.)

  • Off Plan Sales - Providing investment opportunities in early stages of projects.

  • Investment & Bulk Sales - Providing investment opportunities through block purchases, bulk sales & portfolio sales.

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