Services for Land Owners

Land Owners have the excellent opportunity to turn their holdings into even more valuable assets by unleashing the potential that the properties have.

We help Land Owners and Project owners identify opportunities they have and maximise the value of their opportunity through understanding market needs and market cycles. We also work with you to optimise your exit strategy, whether we work to sell your project, or help you develop it.

We employ detailed research and analysis. We provide over a decade of knowledge and experience and the external abilities of our partnering companies and advisors. In short, we deliver what we agree to deliver.

Our Land Owner Services:

  • Development Consultancy - Creating value through development enhancements and alterations. Realising the maximal value of your land through detailed analysis.
  • Feasibility Evaluation - Early stage evaluation of project/site potential.
  • Research - If the data exists, we will find it to support or challenge ideas and concepts and answer any questions you may have.
  • Competitor Analysis - Analysing and researching competitors.
  • External collaborations / partnerships - Advise on and oversee the implementation of other external teams needed to maximise the value of your project. (Architects, Planning Consultants, Funding etc.)
  • International Sales - Assisting with a global sales campaign; particularly important with the large demand from foreign developers and investors looking to enter the UK market, especially in London.
  • Investment Sale - Assisting in the sale of completed projects
  • Land & Development Sales - Assisting in the sale of land or development opportunities

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